Written and Performed by Alyssa Kyria
Directed by Emma Gersch

Photos by Bruce Vivash, Watford Palace Theatre Scratch Night

“I love this, I want to see more!” Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

“Genius” Pheobe Waller-Bridge

Finalist: Screenshot 2021 @ The Royal Court Theatre

What is it?

I am very excited to be developing this one woman play alongside the amazing Emma Gersch and with the support of Watford Palace Theatre. We are in the development stages so watch this space…

What it's about...

“Congratulations?” Is a dark comedy about finding out you’re pregnant and feeling like your life is over, while everyone around you shouts ‘Congratulations!”.

Inspired by my own experience of pre-natal depression (and general terror at the idea of becoming someone’s mother) this one woman show, lifts the blanket of shame and expectation that wraps around every Mum-to-be and shows us what’s underneath. A brutally honest, hilarious and soul baring journey into the mind of a woman whose life is about to change forever.

I filmed these scenes as part of the ‘Screenshot’ competition for South of the River and Screenshot Productions, and I made it into the final. I filmed them during lockdown, with my daughter Lola’s ipad which I propped up on the bum of her rocking horse.

These rough scenes started this whole project off and I’m really proud of them: